3 Reasons To Plan to Get Away

A couple of week ago, our family went on a four day vacation with Jorjanne’s sisters and their families. This year was the fifth annual trip for our families, and we look forward to the time away and together. Each trip is in a new location. We always rent one house for all four families. And, we always make lasting memories. Thinking back on the trip, I realized there are 3 reasons we’ve made this an annual tradition.

1. Scheduling family time teaches our boys to make family a priority. The best way to know my priorities is to look at my budget and my calendar. So, Jorjanne and I plan a few annual trips. Jorjanne and I take 1 vacation per year without the boys. We go on a vacation during the summer with the boys. And, we go on this trip each Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday weekend with extended family.
2. If you really want to know someone better, drive more than three hours away and stay in a stranger’s house for the weekend. No, seriously. We have the best time traveling to a house we have only seen pictures of online and rented. We are all excited about the same destination. We are away from the busyness of life together. We cook together. We play games together. Spending time together in this setting helps us grow closer like nothing else will.
3. We make great memories as a family. This year, we went snow tubing and jumped into Lake Lanier…that was a first! I love hearing the stories my boys tell later as they recount each year’s vacation. Because of the time with their cousins, they can’t wait until next year’s trip.

I know that if I let culture take me along with its current I won’t be happy with the destination. I will be in debt and lonely. Planning regular time with family is very important in arriving at the best destination. I hope these three reasons help you in planning a better destination.

What are some ways you spend time away with family? I would love to hear from you in the comments.