Get To Know Your Neighbors

Now that our muscadine harvest is over, I am busy campaigning in my race for Irwin County’s 4th District Commission Seat. This past weekend, I walked around in Ocilla making introductions and visiting with voters. Earlier in the week, I also drove around one community visiting with constituents. I will be honest, I originally wasn’t looking forward to this part of campaigning. I am not a politician, and I find myself becoming an introvert as I get older. But, I have really enjoyed meeting my neighbors for several reasons:

  1. Many people have amazing stories to share, and my neighbors are truly the salt of the earth. They are what make #ABetterIrwinCounty.
  2. Some of my neighbors have made incredible sacrifices for their family and friends. I met one lady Saturday who raised her 5 nephews after her sister (their mother) suddenly died. She is in her eighties and still occasionally works, too!
  3. Lastly, people take great pride in what they create, raise, and earn. One lady had the most beautiful pepper garden growing right along the walkway to her front door. Another couple raised two children who have started successful businesses and farming operations in Irwin County. As people of #ABetterIrwinCounty, we have many accomplishments to be proud of. I am grateful for this opportunity to see and hear what brings people pride and joy.

As I visit around the eastern side of Irwin County over the next month, I look forward to meeting many more of my neighbors. If you live in Irwin County, I encourage you to get to know your neighbors, too. They have great stories to tell.

They, like I, also believe in #ABetterIrwinCounty.

So, what is something amazing your neighbor has done? Go find out & share it here.

What is #ABetterIrwinCounty

Over the past few weeks and months, I have been posting and sharing pictures and thoughts online with the hashtag #ABetterIrwinCounty. For an explanation of hashtags, click here. For an explanation of #ABetterIrwinCounty, keep reading.

I believe in Irwin County. I was born and raised here. I was educated here. I was also taught to dream here. I believe in our natural resources. I believe in our fields, orchards, and vineyards. I believe in the people of Irwin County. I also believe in what Irwin County could and should be.

A better Irwin County is built on the realization that we are all here for only a short time and should leave things in better shape than when we found them. A better Irwin County is home to healthy farms, healthy industries, and healthy small businesses. A better Irwin County also makes it safe and a pleasure traveling to these places. Lastly, if you live here, a better Irwin County includes you having great relationships with your family, friends, and coworkers.

This belief in a better Irwin County prompted me to run for the 4th District’s County Commissioner’s seat. When I see examples of what makes Irwin County a great place to live and lead my business, I am sharing them online. I’d love to see what you believe makes #ABetterIrwinCounty, too. Please use the hashtag #ABetterIrwinCounty when you share your pictures and thoughts. Also, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see what I believe makes #ABetterIrwinCounty.

One question: What do you believe makes #ABetterIrwinCounty?