5 Ways to Stop Babysitting at Work

Do you ever have trouble getting the people who work for you to do what they are suppose to do? Do you ever find yourself needing to just do things yourself since everyone around you can’t get the job done? Do you ever stay late at work doing the work others didn’t do for you? Do you feel like a baby sitter for adults?

I did at one time, but now I don’t.

Here’s why.

I know that I won’t do this forever. I will retire. I will die. Someone else will do my job, and I want them happy to come in after me.

For everyone’s sake, please do this:
1. Focus your time where are most Compentent because the less you do, the more you accomplish.
2. Show Courage because courage establishes leadership.
3. Be Clear when you speak and send that email because uncertainty demands clarity.
4. Coach those around you because coaching enables a leader to go farther, faster.
5. Live with the purest Character because character determines your legacy.

I didn’t make up this list. I am borrowing it from Andy Stanley’s book, Next Generation Leader. If you want the people you spend 40+ hours per week to accomplish more AND be happier you are at work than not, please get a copy now and become a Next Generation Leader.

PS – This is one of the best leadership books I’ve ever read and is my manual in leading MPC.

Question: Have you ever worked for a controlling leader? What lessons did you learn?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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