Ideas for Healthy Families

I haven’t blogged in a while…a LONG while. I was recently inspired (thanks MichaelHyatt and AdamSuter) to start blogging again, so I thought I would make a few thematic changes to my blog. I’ve tried to write about leadership, family, and muscadines. But, I tend to struggle with writing original content when it comes to leadership. Muscadines are awesome and my world, but they aren’t necessarily your world. But, one thing I am passionate about and can share stories about are ideas for healthy families. I love my family. We are far from perfect, but we desire to become healthier. And, I want to help you have a healthy(er) family, too.

Coincidently, today is Jorjanne’s and my wedding anniversary. Over the past 15 years, God has blessed us with a very large and close extended family. Most of our family members are blood relatives, but we also have a few members who are adopted. These are friends who are as close as brothers and sisters. We didn’t draw up any documents to formalize the process, but you get the picture.

Family is very important. We weren’t created to go through life alone. So, if you have close family, do something to brighten their day. If you don’t have close family, please build your family by picking a friend and doing something to brighten their day.

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