Taking Care of Business

Six weeks ago, the world lost one of the most amazing men to ever live. In case you haven’t heard, my grandfather, Jacob Paulk, went to his Heavenly home on February 24, 2017. Our family has obviously missed him dearly. And, the farm has experienced quite a transition, also. Papa Jacob left large shoes to fill, and I am humbled to carry on part of his legacy. I wrote about his influence in my life and our business in last month’s newsletter. Please check it out here.
One thing I’ve concluded that Papa Jacob did better than anything else was taking care of business. Personally, he took care of himself, his health, his relationship with God, and his relationships with friends and family with great intention. Professionally, he took care of his business every day with great focus on the smallest details and the broadest vision.
I’ve concluded that my mission in life is to take care of all God has entrusted to me…much like Papa Jacob took care of all God entrusted to him. I encourage you to also take care of all that has been entrusted to your care: your time, your health, your job, your family, your friendships.
Question: What are the most important things you take care of?

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